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43) Elizabeth Nagle 
Country: US
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Thursday, 29 May 1997 01:00 Send E-mail

I am an incest victim and have know about this for almost15 to 20 years. What I do not remember is the actual event.I have about 1 year missing from my memory.What is hard todeal with is the failure of my family to validate what didhappen to me. No one will help me, I was not the only onein my family to deal with this,but not one of my siblingsnor my parents (who are both dead now)ever talked to me about this. I was considered a liar,difficult,high strunga trouble maker,the black sheep. When I went thru the checklist I found an explaination of certain behaviors that I havestruggled with for more years than I can describe. I am madthat I was not taken serious, or that no one loved me enoughto tell me.I am 48 years old and can not understand this. I amin a loving relationship now, and yet I know some day it willdisappear, if he knew what runs thru my head at times hewould run for the hills. Or at least that is what I tell myself.I hate the small voice that creeps into my head, sayinghorrible things.I do block out the voice,and have never actedon some of the thoughts, but I do beat myself up for justhaving them. Thank you for your information.

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