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182) Tianna Nielson 
Country: US
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Tuesday, 13 April 2004 01:00 Send E-mail

I found this site after reading information on rape victims on another and it made me wonder if there were any sites for the kind of sexual abuse I had suffered as a child from my father. I was abused from the age of five to sixteen but condemned to still live with him in neglect and verbal abuse until I was eighteen. I threatened to run away once but he countered that he would just call the police and have them bring me back and until I was eighteen that my ass was legally his and he could do whatever he wanted to to me. I am now twenty two and married, I have three beautiful daughters. I want to become whole so I can have a healthy relationship with my family.I too have fears of transferring my abuse to my children in the form of anger and low self worth. maybe one day I'll be able to say I want to heal for myself also because I am worth it and truly believe it. Anyway, I can't believe how much of an impact you have on me terra and all the other survivors on this site. I starting reading all of the writings on this site and I just couldn't stop, tears rolling down my face all the while and I just knew I couldn't leave this site without letting all of you know of my gratitude for this site. Now maybe I can actually start living my life through asking for help and counseling...I'm not a survivor yet butI have that to look forward too and finally laying all my fears to rest. Thank you

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