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11) Robin 
Country: US
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Thursday, 29 May 1997 01:00 Send E-mail

The story behind this poem is too much of a long one to take up the space in this guestbook that could be used by someone else... : )My Life::I sit by the lake all alone. Looking across thewater, I begin to wonder where I truely belong...I look back at my whole life through.This is what I will share with you...I have lived my life throu alot of hurt andpain. Sometimes, I wonder how I ever stayed so sane...I have lived through my father's sexual abuse.But it also seems to stay with me no matter what I do...I have lived through the blood that ran down my back.The reason for the whipping, my memory lack...By my family, I was disowned. But this is alright, causedeep down I know I can go on...I have lived through the batter of some men. I promisemyself, this I will never live through again...I have lived through the loss of a child. Who I lovedearly and think about all the while...As I look across the lake, I realize, in my life I'velived throu alot of hard times. But, then I began to cry forthe people's whose lives has been worse than mine...

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