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10) Kimberley Hying 
Country: US
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Thursday, 29 May 1997 01:00 Send E-mail

Last week my 7 yr old little girl came to me and my boyfriend(she calls him Daddy), and told us her Bio-Dad(she calls him Steve) has been touching her privates. I started to cry and we sat and talked with Brittany about what had happened to her. We since then have contacted children services and the police, both her in Henderson and in Wisconsin were her Bio-dad lives. Her first interview with the case worker was terrible, Brittany did not talk, she said she was scared and wanted to go home. When we got home, she started talking more about other things that he did to her. We explained to her that she needs to talk to the nice lady(Michelle) about what Steve did, so that she can protect her from him forever. She then said that Steve told her if she told anyone, that he would make Mommy go away forever. On 9-12-2002 Brittany is going in for a complete physical and another interview with Michelle.We are hoping she will finally disclose to her what has happened. Brittany told us that she will talk to her now. They gave her a huge white teddy bear and she calls him her truth bear, and that he helps her talk to people that scare her. I am so confused about all this, i keep asking myself- WHY?, why my daughter?, she is so innocent, she has never done anything wrong. I blame myself sometimes, why didnt I see it, is it my fault. I feel so much anger also, I want him dead or torchured for hours. I am also 7 months pregnant with another girl,and I catch myself watching my boyfriend now whenever he is playing with Brittany, I hate myself when I do that. I love him and he is not the one who hurt my baby. He is just as angry and hurt as me about what is happening, he looks at Brittany as his own daughter and can't believe anyone would hurt her this way. I just feel so lost and I dont know what to do. I tell her everyday, I am proud of her for telling, and that its NOT her fault, that I believe her 100%. I tell how much we all love her so much, and that she is doing the right thing. I hope I am doing right thing though.

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