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Lifetime movie that I want to watch again (Read 564 times)
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Lifetime movie that I want to watch again
Oct 10th, 2020 at 9:18pm
I saw this movie on Lifetime TV channel probably between roughly 2008 and 2013. I have been trying to find the title of that movie for some time. In that movie, the pedophile father forces his young daughter to sexually massage him, probably all the way through her childhood, until she leaves home to go to college to become a lawyer. The mother knew about it, but did nothing to stop it. Years later, after the daughter is grown-up and long gone, the mother regrets not doing anything about it. To do her daughter vigilante justice she plans her pedophile husband death. The mother goes into the cellar and saws the living room floorboards half way through underneath. When her pedophile husband returns home, she beckons to him on the other side of the living room. As he walks across the living room floor, the half way sawed boards gives way and he falls through them into the cellar and is killed from the fall. The mother calls the police and report it as an accident. The police gathers evidence and piece together that the accident was staged and that the living room floorboards was tampered with. They charged the mother with murder. The mother then calls her lawyer daughter who now lives in another city. The daughter reluctantly returns to the city where she grew up. They finally talk about the forced incest and the relationship between daughter and mother is somewhat repaired. The daughter being very good at what she does and defends her mother in court. Even though there is proof that the mom did it, the daughter proves that there is not enough evidence to convict her mother and she is found innocent and goes free. During the trail, the daughter did unfortunately have flashbacks of her sexual abuse. If anyone knows the name of this Lifetime movie, please let me know. Thanks you very much for your help

In posting this, in no way do I advocate violence or vigilante justice. Watching this movie though did something for me. It was the mom long over due way of trying to make it right with her daughter. Again, this was totally the wrong way to go about that, both morally and criminally. But on some level inside me, it did something good for me to watch it. I don't know if that is understandable to anyone.

Again I must say that there are many other good ways the mom could have handled this. like divorcing the pedophile husband, calling her daughter and profusely apologizing to her daughter for not reporting her father to the police at the time that she found out about it.
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Re: Lifetime movie that I want to watch again
Reply #1 - Nov 5th, 2020 at 8:13am
That sounds like the movie "Dolores Calirborne" with Kathy Bates. If so, it was excellent I agree. Only, I remember him being lured out to fall into an old mine or something out in the fields. And I doubt it would be a Lifetime movie.

I wish my mother cared enough to want to kill my dad (he's dead anyway so too late!) !!

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