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Something I Wanted to Share... (Read 2618 times)
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Something I Wanted to Share...
May 7th, 2008 at 10:58am
Some of you may know that I enjoy the author SARK. I just happened to be skimming the pages of her 'Transformation Soup' and came across her thoughts on pg 127, and I thought of you and wanted to share it with you....I hope you like it....


Let's just all realize and admit that the pain will never end and go on brilliantly anyway. **Brilliantly in this case means: Despite all forms of wanting to quit.**

Let's realize that to experience our lives intimately means to be off-balance, out of control, and subject to all sorts of fragile and tender emotions.

We might say, "Then why do it?"
"Why not hid, avoid, resist, anesthetize, refuse, neglect, lie, work harder, gain more control, get more money, seek more escapes, and live in denial?"

You'll do all of these anyway and the pain just waits for another entry point. (and there is a drawing of a fence with an opening, and an ugly pile of scribbles outside with the text written 'pain waiting for entry')

The real and indelible blessing is that to be truly present in our own lives also means that we're there for all the ecstasy and joy, as well as all the pain. Pain heals.

Oh...that! Joy is tougher to accept than pain. Isn't this a curious paradox. We are often more comfortable with pain and struggle because it's familiar.

Sark goes on to share more wisdom and inspiration on pg. 128, including a book recommendation of 'How Much Joy Can You Stand?' By Suzanne Falter-Barns....(which I haven't read but the title is intriguing).
So, I hope that you enjoyed that little bit...and that you were inspired by it as I was.

I am glad that each of you are here, I treasure you more than you will know. I am constantly in awe of your strength and courage, and the vulnerability you reveal and share.

I hope that as the Spring comes on, you will find new beginnings and new life emerging within your soul...and that you will be filled with joy through all things in life...

Know that I am thinking of you...

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Re: Something I Wanted to Share...
Reply #1 - May 8th, 2008 at 12:18pm
So true!
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