Bearing Through It
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Day and Night (Read 2440 times)
Baby Bear

Bearing through it!

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Day and Night
Aug 1st, 2007 at 3:03pm
Day & Night

Only a child
But not in all ways
It still makes me cry
When I think of those days.

The sins of the fathers…
Or so they say,
But why are the daughters
Expected to pay?

His tongue in my mouth,
He kissed my lips.
Caressed my neck,
My back and hips.

He touched me in places
That he shouldn’t have been,
And then convinced me
That it wasn’t a sin.

I thought that he loved me
I was his girl
Always so good
His precious pearl.

Daddy, daddy
What have you done?
I just wanted love,
A place in the sun.

Under a cloud
Day and night
I lived my life
Filled with fright.

Distracting attention
Away from myself
Loneliness killing me
Crying for help.

Inside of this woman
There lies a girl’s heart.
Though her soul has been
Torn all apart.

The journey ahead
Will be tough and long,
At the end, though,
I’ll finally be strong.

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