Bearing Through It
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Bearing through it!

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Apr 16th, 2006 at 6:42pm
A dream I had when I was around 8 years old:

I am in Dadís office at the university. I notice a strange plant that Iíve never seen before at the entrance of the office, by his door. It is in a large pot, curled around and around like a big snake, but Mummy as$ures me itís a plant. †Iím intrigued and go to touch it. Mummy grabs my hand and pulls me away. She warns me that it is a very dangerous plant and I should never touch it. I think she is being stupid. It looks weird and fascinating and it has pretty markings.
When Mummy leaves the room I decide to ignore her warning and reach out to it. I begin to pull it out of the pot. Suddenly it is no longer one big coil, but hundreds of tiny snakes which pour out of the pot and pull me to the ground. I realise Mummy was right and I know that I am going to die. †

I've had flashes that make me think my dad may have abused me in his office ~ he used to take me there while there was a cleaners' strike and our school was closed.

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