Bearing Through It
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murder dream very scary (MT) (Read 2227 times)
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Bearing through it!

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murder dream very scary (MT)
Apr 11th, 2006 at 11:22pm
while watching tv (the ten commandments) LOL i remembered one of my dreams from last nite...

okay i was in a guy's apartment with two other people and he was showing us a horror movie that actually was snuff cause it was supposed to be real, a guy that for some reason looked like ozzy osbourne who was filming himself and his captives while he cut pieces of his body off and ate them or forced them to eat them...

i know

...and while the ozzy guy was doing this in the snuff film, he was getting off on the pain and blood and death and his captives were alternately crying and screaming hysterically and trying to act as if they liked it too, as if they were just going along with it until they could find a way to escape

...and the crazy guy showing us this film was sort of duplicating the snuff film by setting us up to re-enact the film, only I was the first one to realize it because i had somehow heard about or seen the snuff film before, and i happened to notice all the video boxes behind him were titles of horrible horror flicks, and i just figured it out immediately that was what he had in mind for us...

so i stabbed him in his spine behind his neck when he looked down for a was like slow motion..and then my friends helped me, yuk, finish it

then we all ran out of the apartment or hotel and called the police

after the cops came, a woman cop was asking me what happened and all the usual evidence collecting stuff they do, for some reason i was naked and really being pissy and sarcastic and resented the fact that I was being questioned since I was the one who had to stab the guy to save us all!

i don't rememeber much else...

what the f%#$?!
love liljj

i usually don't have violent dreams like that

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