Bearing Through It
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About my mum. (Read 2925 times)
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Bearing through it!

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About my mum.
Mar 7th, 2006 at 6:08am
I was supposed to be getting up and taking my girls to school, but I drifted back into sleep and dreamt that my mother's dead body was in a child's untidy bedroom, (presumibly my children's, although I didn't recognise it.)

It was a skeleton and I was putting it in a box and folding a duvet over it when I noticed there were still her fingernails at the ends of her finger bones. I started to cry and say that I couldn't let go yet and was holding onto her finger bones when I woke up.

I must have only drifted off for a few minutes, but I got up and got in the shower.

A bit later I found myself telling my 10 year old off for having a messy bedroom and not putting her clothes away (which have been sat in the middle of the floor since Sunday night). Whenever I complain about her messy room, she ALWAYS blames her sister, and as she started to do that I begame very angry and said how dare she try and blame her sister, when the clothes on the floor are quite clearly hers, and I made her apologise to her sister and pick up the clothes.
(Their room is the only messy room in the house.)

It was only after this happened that I remembered another part of the dream, which was me saying to my step-mum (who looked after me from the age of 6-13), that I was just tidying the bedroom (ie- putting my mother's bones away). It was MY bedroom in the dream and I was the child being told off for having a messy room.

In real life I don't usually tell my kids off for their messy room because I feel they have too much stuff and it has become overwhelming to them, so they don't know where to start.
Children (and some adults!) need to be taught how to deal with clutter and I am trying to teach them by setting a good example in the rest of the house.

I don't know why I got so cross with my daughter this morning, but I think it has somethong to do with the dream.

Any thoughts??
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Re: About my mum.
Reply #1 - Mar 7th, 2006 at 10:04pm
Hey JJ ~

That is a strange dream for sure.  I'm sure that the dream had everything to do with the way you treated your daughter.  I can't begin to understand the whole dream.  It's complicated.  Maybe the step mum getting onto you about the messy room ~ which happened to have your mum's bones it it.  Maybe she was jealous of your mum or something.  I'm sure she was.  What a horrible dream.  I hope you are feeling better today!

Big hugs,
Mandi Smiley
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