Bearing Through It
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Facade (Read 2231 times)
Baby Bear

Bearing through it!

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Saint Louis Mo
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Nov 8th, 2005 at 7:44pm
Trapped between obedience and survival
she struggles every day
with secrets that threaten to defile her young mind
they have already claimed her body
Slowly consuming her soul.

She told her protectors
but they did not believe
the second telling resulted in
condemnation for her pleas.

Unable connect to
others in a meaningful way
Makes her life a lonely one
that drags on day by day.

Now she sits alone and scared
unable to defend
any reason she should care about a life of just pretend.

People say they care
it's true
but what is it they care for
when they donít see you.

They see the function she fulfills
at work from day to day.
They like having their needs met
that is the corporate way.

If they only knew the demons that
so gripped her heart
they would run screaming, pleading
with their minds to not depart.

Deeds of the past have shaped the person today
it is a necessity to pretend all is well
life works, as it should.
Facing the past could destroy her sanity.

But how much longer will pretending make it all seem good?
Deep cracks are evident in the facade so carefully erected
it won't be long before it all tumbles
blending with her life's rubble
it once hid from view.
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Super Bear

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Re: Facade
Reply #1 - Nov 8th, 2005 at 9:21pm
Welcome Formfree ~ you are an awesome poet ~ and I connected with your words.  I saw myself!

Welcoming hugs,
Mandi Smiley
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At some point, you have to make a decision.Boundaries don't keep other people out.They fence you in.Life is messy.That's how we're made.So,you can waste your lives drawing lines.Or you can live your l
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Share Bear

Bearing through it!

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Re: Facade
Reply #2 - Nov 22nd, 2005 at 6:00pm
I have now read ALL your poems.

I know you want people who read them to see you, but we see ourselves too.

Surely that are not alone.

Does anyone truely SEE another person?
We all carefully consruct a coping mechanism in which to function, and most of the time, we do function.

Keep writing formfree, you are far more eloquent than I am!

May Angels always watch over you.

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