Bearing Through It
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Dolphin's Song (Read 2359 times)
Care Bear

Deep inside this armour,
the warrior is a child..

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Dolphin's Song
Sep 12th, 2005 at 7:36am
Dolphin’s Song

Drawn in by the ocean currents
sweeping gently out to sea
Dolphins protect my floating soul
while the sun rises in the east

The glow of the summer morn
lights up the forest of my eyes
I softly awaken with a smile
my body stirs with the ebbing tides

Colors paint a rainbow
as I drift in and out of dreams
Ripples of the water
flood through my spirit clean

I find my heart soaring
with wings I have never flown
Beyond worlds I've never seen
into canyons I've never roamed

The music plays on softly
Rescinding to wondrous heights
My mind hears every note
And the dance swirls in its light

My world begins to rise
and my fur face wags her tail
The love that envelopes me
Courses through and begins to wail

Sounding like a song
Spreading all around the world
Finally ending in my home
To remind me...of something....
I have never heard

That voice that lives deep down
in a place that's yet to be freed
Untying all the million knots
and unleashing in the sweetest ....
..... release
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Baby Bear

Bearing through it!

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Re: Dolphin's Song
Reply #1 - Nov 8th, 2005 at 10:41pm
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Share Bear

I Corinthians 13

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Re: Dolphin's Song
Reply #2 - Nov 24th, 2005 at 12:04pm

i'm happy to see you're still here and posting.  i've missed you.

your poetry is, as always, beautiful and dead-on how life feels for us.

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