Bearing Through It
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Falling (Read 1710 times)
Care Bear

Deep inside this armour,
the warrior is a child..

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Dallas, Texas
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Jun 30th, 2005 at 4:34pm

Whirling, Twirling
Spiralling down.
The thoughts and feelings
Spinning around.
Trying to figure
Which way to turn.
Looking, searching,
hoping to learn.
Why is it that
I have such misery
When I try my hardest
to live peacefully?
I work and I struggle
To wiggle my way free.
I just can't seem to
Reach in and rescue me.
Sometimes there is a glimmer of hope
Shining through the haze
But, not very often do I
Have completely happy days.
The emotions get so overwhelming
I am so frustrated and utterly broke.
My throat closes up
and I fight hard not to choke.
I twist and I turn; I go back and forth.
I am pulled this way and that;
I look inside and out for some worth.
I search for answers where there may be none.
Sometimes I donít know what to do
Other than run.
I pick myself up and brush myself off.
I search and seek to understand it all.
I try my hardest to make it work
Only to once again take that hard fall.

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Share Bear

Bearing through it!

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913 NMadisonWoodstockIl 60098
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Re: Falling
Reply #1 - Jul 6th, 2005 at 11:17am
boy that is how I am feeling right now only right now I see that glimer of hope .I see only darkness and a blik I am in a hole falling falling ever deep down scraching clawingbut still falling down nothing to grab or hold on forever fallingand all unwownedfalling apart falling down beatened and bruised with no end in sight.I wonder how I can ever go on.try as I might I can't stop the falling.
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Super Bear

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Re: Falling
Reply #2 - Jul 6th, 2005 at 1:57pm
Thanks for sharing warrior!  I am feeling just like that today!  I can relate!

Big hugs,
Mandi Smiley
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At some point, you have to make a decision.Boundaries don't keep other people out.They fence you in.Life is messy.That's how we're made.So,you can waste your lives drawing lines.Or you can live your l
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