Bearing Through It
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Darkness (Read 1878 times)
Care Bear

Deep inside this armour,
the warrior is a child..

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Dallas, Texas
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Jul 22nd, 2004 at 8:09pm

Darkness fall in fullness upon me.
Hide me from the pain within.

Deaden my senses numb my soul
Obliterate the painful visions of memory
Allow me wholeness again.

What would I give to not remember
Oh for the bliss of ignorance so sweet
Fair would be the return to innocence
To undo this life of wrenching defeat.

I did nothing to incite this agony
It came from familiar camps seeking me
As a child I was a victim of this all to common tragedy
as an adult a victor I shall be.

If the path that leads to victory requires an exorcism of the soul; then how shall I accomplish this awesome remedy being less than whole?

My mind remembers of its own volition
Each memory revives visions of pain and feelings of dread
So difficult is it to live in normalcy while walking these paths with the undead.

Come now oh darkness and cleanse my spirit. Deaden my mind and numb my soul. It is clear that to win this battle I must be what was taken from me. Whole.

How long now need I wait ?
When will the aura of this life pass?
I long to see the dawn of a new birth and to know victory
at last.

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Care Bear

Thanks for noticing...

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Re: Darkness
Reply #1 - Jul 23rd, 2004 at 6:33pm
   Wow, some intense writing, but very powerful and I bet very healing for you.....

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If you do get fearful, close your eyes, have your mind reach deep within, wish for the first thing that comes to mind...Now listen carefully, YOU MUST WISH FOR WHAT YOU WANT RATHER THAN WHAT YOU FEAR!
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Baby Bear

Bearing through it!

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Re: Darkness
Reply #2 - Nov 8th, 2005 at 8:01pm
This poem is about the darkness that so blinds the soul.
A darkness that comes from the despair of a hopeless past and a future that can not possibly be any better.
I wrote this in one of my darkest moment in Jan of 2004.
It is just one in a series of about 6  (I see 2 others here on your boards) that finally ends in victory.
But the cycle has begun again. And so again I have restarted the story.  This time I believe it will end forever in victory. After being diagnosed with Dissociative disorder I have begun a treatment called EMDR that is highly effect for PTSD.
You can find everything I have written along this journey of trial and error and hopefully future healing at:

Please feel free to drop in anytime.

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