Bearing Through It
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" No Rhyme Or Reason " (Read 1596 times)
Care Bear

Deep inside this armour,
the warrior is a child..

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" No Rhyme Or Reason "
Oct 11th, 2003 at 9:40am
     The things that happened to you
Should never have happened at all
There can be no rhyme or reason
For what your childhood saw
     What happened was so long ago
You'd think the wounds would heal
But, then, a look, a word is spoken
And again, the blood is real
     It has been said the pain grows fainter
With each and every year
But so far I've found it's not true
That time can mend all fear
     Some scars are with us forever
Sometimes hiding beneath a shell
But always waiting, lurking, haunting
Ready to cast a spell
     The only answer there can be
For injury so vast, so deep
Is to give it over to God
And let Him your misery keep
   For things meant just for evil
Can, in the master's hand
Become a jewel so beautiful
It sparkles across the land

                   --Cindi Ruiz--
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Re: " No Rhyme Or Reason "
Reply #1 - Oct 30th, 2003 at 11:08am
thank you for your beautiful words.  It's as if they were written specially for me.  I hope someday I find a way to 'give it over to God' . I certainly don't want to stay like this forever.  I hope you have been able to and that you have peace.  Thanks again----------Eileen

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