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  " Broken Window " (Read 1290 times)
Care Bear

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the warrior is a child..

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  " Broken Window "
Sep 29th, 2003 at 5:57pm
    Looking through broken windows. past the tattered shade.
Looking at the old way of life
At all the guilt and shame
that's the way it will always be, the past cannot be changed
What's done is done, but you've moved om, today you're not the same.
    Looking through the shattered glass makes everything so unreal
Sometimes it's hard to look in your heart, and know the past is real
There was a time you were cold and dark, but today you think and feel
    Looking at the pain of life seeing bits of broken glass
No longer carrying gun or knife, today you see the path.
Looking through that open pain, you learned that life is cruel
But now you know you've really changed, you're not that drunken fool.
    So when the past meets up with you it's sometimes very strange
Just remember, stay on the path and things will be okay.
    Looking at broken windows, through the hole that's in the glass
You no longer have to live in fear, all that's in the past
You've done your time, no need for lies and with that life you're through
look out that window now, today there is a clear view
You're healing your shame, now far less pain
Your window looks brand new.
   Then in time, you'll fix the shade, and the past will not peek through
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