Bearing Through It
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The Question (Read 1284 times)
Care Bear

If not for my sense of
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The Question
Mar 30th, 2003 at 1:28pm
The question with no answer
A reflection of the whole
It began with love
And ended in disaster.
The evening comes, and there's
no lullaby.
Day turns into night.
Maybe it's different
On the other side.
Something has to change
And it's changing
Only it's not, or is it?
Will we be like the God head
Moving at the speed of light?,
Or will we turn to dust and rust?
Father, Father, there's a hole in you.
So Mother, what am I supposed to do?
And if it's true , 
That pain is the healing,
Then I have come a long long way...
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In Loving Light,&&Matanah
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