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Message started by Mandi on Mar 20th, 2007 at 1:26pm

Title: house update ~
Post by Mandi on Mar 20th, 2007 at 1:26pm
Hey everybody!

Well ~ we closed on our house today.  We are now leasing the house back from the people who bought it from us.  We are hoping that our other house is ready to move into by the middle of April.  It's been a slow process to renovate this house.  I dread moving.  I just bought a bunch of moving boxes so I can start the packing.  And I HATE packing!!!!!  I'm not good at organizing at all.  So for the next month I will be going nuts with details of moving.  And redecorating and stuff.  I guess it will keep me busy.  I'm still not crazy about moving to the new/older house.  But I am trying to make peace with it.  I may be repeating myself so I'm gonna type this up and then check and edit if I have to.  BUT ~ my hubby and I were talking to one of the new neighbors on our street.  He was walking his Weiner Dog.  I HATE Weiner dogs!!!  I was bit by a Weiner dog next to my eye when I was six, and had to have stitches.  And then another time a different Weiner dog bit me on the arm and left a scar.  So I've always kind of hated them.  I love animals and other dogs though.  I just have never liked those dogs.  WELL ~ the new neighbor  said, "There are so many of the neighbors that have Weiner dogs.  In fact we all know the names of our Weiner dogs, but not the neighbors."  I got in the car after talking to him and I said, "I can't believe that out of all the breeds of dogs, WEINER DOGS are all up and down MY NEW STREET!!!"  Can you believe it?  I had to laugh though.  It's like a practical joke or something.  I've been having nightmares about Weiner dogs since then.  No offense if you happen to have one.  Well ~ I just thought I'd share a little update about our house news.  

Big hugs,
Mandi 8-)

Title: Re: house update ~
Post by lostsoul on Mar 20th, 2007 at 11:57pm
Congratulations, and sorry about selling your house. I know it isn't something you want but think of it this way. . . you at least don't have to stress about two mortgages.  Hey, I did have to laugh at your weiner dog story  because I HATE them too. My g/f brought us one when he first moved in with us so they always remind me of him. Plus when we had IT, it would hide under our couch and if you walked up to sit on the couch or sat on the couch with your feet on the floor it would bite your feet. I HATE them too, so I am right there with you.

I grew up in the military so we moved every few years. Wish I could come down and help you pack - to me packing, painting, fixing and all that stuff is nothing at all.

Thanks for sharing your news and please keep us posted.


Title: Re: house update ~
Post by Rivkele on Mar 29th, 2007 at 12:28pm
Hi Mandi!

How stressful! Moving is awful. Poor you. I'm so sorry that you are having to leave your lovely house and go somewhere you aren't comfortable with. Hopefully it will start to feel like home soon. Maybe once all of your things are in there it will look more "right".

Weiner dogs? Hmm, I think they are what we call Sausage dogs. If so ~ are they vicious??!!! I would never have guessed! They look so cuuuute :D! Hehe sorry I know you hate them. When I was little if I drew pictures of dogs I always drew weiner dogs. I even made myself a tiny stuffed one to take to school, for 'protection'. Funny, if I'd know they bit people I would have felt even more protected!!

But if they are nasty snarling monsters then i am with you ~ stop breeding the horrid things!!

I'd like to get rid of bull terriers myself and rottweilers ~ truly evil child-mauling creatures.

Good luck with the packing ~ wish we could help you!

Big hugs,

Riv :)

Title: Re: house update ~
Post by Hope on Mar 30th, 2007 at 12:22pm
Hmmm, Mandi, just wondering, is one of Weiner dogs named Oscar and the other named Meyer by any chance? :-)

Too bad I am several states away, I would gladly come and help you move, pack and organize! You know, that IS my fledgling home business!

Best of luck and Big Hugs!

Title: Re: house update ~
Post by Mandi on Apr 3rd, 2007 at 3:08pm
Thanks for the support!

Riv ~ Weiner dogs/Daschund dogs aren't that mean or anything.  But they can be.  Some of them just have "little dog syndrome" and feel like they have to show their strength or something.  I just haven't had good experiences with them.  

The house is coming together little by little.  We are making selections and things are starting to take shape.  I am just ready for it to be all over already.  I wish I could go to sleep and just wake up and have it done.

Well ~ I gotta run for now.  

Take care!

Big hugs,

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