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Message started by lil on Feb 27th, 2006 at 8:31am

Title: here we go again...
Post by lil on Feb 27th, 2006 at 8:31am
I'm staying in a house in the middle of no where.  There's nothing special about this house as far as I can tell.  But two groups are feuding over it and are willing to kill or be killed to stay.  I witness a man s/a a baby.  I try to tell people but no one believes me.  One of the people I tell is my brother in law and even he thinks I imagined the whole thing.  At first I'm give in and accept that they are probably right and I imagined the whole thing.  But then I get angry and shout "NO!  I know what I saw!  I watched him do it!"  They still don't believe me.  He is their friend after all.  Then the shooting starts.  People are getting shot left and right.  A woman I am hugging is shot right through the front door.  She dies in my arms.  Other are dying everywhere.  The shooter who comes in, looks right at me.  I am crying and say "Please.  I don't even know you.  Please don't hurt me."  She smiles and says I'm doing a good job picking up the bullets.  I have no clue what she means.  Then she says she won't hurt me.  She is there for the others.  It's as though she's cleaning up a mess.  She's not wicked or evil.  Just doing what she has to do.  I think she is me.  And I'm playing the victim. And everyone else but the baby is a perp.  

Title: Re: here we go again...
Post by revenna on Mar 1st, 2006 at 12:10pm

I don't know about you, but I would wake up exhausted after such a dream!  I'm not very good at interpreting dreams, but I wonder if this one has to do simply with the chaos you endured as a child.  It seems that everyone in the dream has a role that they play and everywhere you turn, there is disorder and violence.  I feel that way about my childhood.  Even people who seemed not to be participating in the chaos really were.  Just a thought.


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